Too fast…

The sun sets on another day…

So it sets, and it does not set slow, it sets with speed, it covers vast distances, nearly immeasurable, and still there is a swiftness to it all. Far too fast. Like the wings of a dragonfly, it goes so fast you may miss some of it or not be able to see it at all.

What is worse than being angry, being, unhappy, or being lost? In my opinion it is missing “experiences”. Missing things is far too easy. People make promises to themselves or others, and they find other things to do, other things intrude, and they miss what they really wanted to experience. A promise for a day becomes a week, then becomes a month, then becomes a year and there is no concept of the measure we have missed. Want to see it in action, watch gyms on New Years and how packed they are, then look at the weeks or months later, devoid of all the but broken promises. 

It is not all bad. We sometimes make good promises and keep them and grab onto life. The promise to love, the promise to be at work, to provide for your children, to care for an elderly parent. All those things are usually kept, it is those things we want to do to enrich our lives that sometimes get set aside. Sending flowers, a card, reaching out to a friend, all of it can easily slip by.


To us a minute is not precious, we see it as always available, well, some of us do. So a minute becomes an hour, and an hour a day, and it just keeps going. As such we suddenly feel the pressure after the fact, and we are lost in the desire to make it right, but we let it slide so easily we sometimes cannot. Imagine the world if we promised to clean the garage and it was clean a moment later. (It is never clean that fast, dern garage)

So 29000 sunsets is forever to a person, or at least a measure of forever. It seems like a lot, but I tell you today and every day as I write, it will go by quickly, far too fast, and in the process leave us wanting more, when we could have had it all, or at least most of it.

I have a friend who made a simple promise to himself, he would take a picture each day. He does so now religiously and makes certain that he shares it with the world, each day the photos become better and better, and each day we appreciate , or at least I do, his promise and of course his picture.

I have promised myself to write each day, and each day I find a way, each day leaving a breadcrumb for someone to find and enjoy. I suggest everyone promise themselves they will find happiness, and make it happen by living up to that promise, each and every day.

So as the sun sets on another day, what is passing you quickly? Don’t let it. Grab on to each day and make sure it is your day. Help yourself find happiness and enjoy the moments, keep promises to yourself, and enjoy from moment to moment, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile when you can, and laugh the rest of the time…


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