Crossing paths…

The sun sets on another day…

A short time ago there was an eclipse (duh) and a portion of the sun was blocked out by the moon. The two intersected making people amazed everywhere. 

Crossing paths.

We do so quite often. There are people who go in and out of our lives and we question if they should have been, or miss them terribly, or are happy they are gone, or a combination of it all. We cross streams with them and it is not quite so bad as in “Ghostbusters” as the world does not end, but sometimes it can feel like it. We need to consistently consider the good that comes from every meeting and consider how much happiness is brought into our lives by simple interactions between people. This is true not only when it is someone casual, but when it is someone special in our lives.

Don’t agree?

What would we be without our interactions, and how do we find people whoa re truly good for us, without experiencing a few that are not so good.

I had a friend. The is no telling how we could have been together because in the grand scheme our time was very short. It was not without a huge learning experience and a tremendous amount of passion, then it was gone. The pain was off the scale but every single day I am thankful simply because my life would not have been as good without that experience. 

There are so many stories and I know you have one too, that stands out as painful but amazing, and isn’t it better to have the experience than to miss out on it? Isn’t the world a happier place because you know how happy you can be, and keep pushing further for that every day.

So as the sun sets on another day, don’t avoid relationships, embrace the power of each and every one. Find a way to become more through your relationships with others, and in the process, find you keys to happiness, and consider them as pathways to a more positive life.¬†Consider each day an adventure, and love, live, laugh and smile all you can. Make each day an amazing one, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, engage your happiness, and be more every day…

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