Never be lonely…

The sun sets on another day…

You know, the sun sits in the center of our solar system and just kinda sits there all alone, but in reality, we are all very close in the grand picture. We are but a small hope skip and jump away at about 8 minutes for the suns light to get here. Hmm, maybe not that far huh?

Last night I watched groups of people interact like crazy. Yes, like crazy. They were laughing, having fun, and enjoying every moment of the evening. As I watched I noticed those people that were in the midst of it, those that were on the fringe, and those people lost in their phones expecting the world to happen around them, but barely involved. I asked the immortal question, “why” as I watched and thought about how different our world has become. It is amazing now that a person can be lonely in a crowd, and even more amazing that people can sit next to each other at a restaurant or in a home, and be as isolated as if they were alone.

So what? right?

Well, if you are reading this you have at least a little interest in the perspective that there are a finite number of moments in your world. As such, I am hoping you will look at loneliness as something to avoid and move towards resolving loneliness as a whole. Maybe it is time to connect with people, for real. Maybe, just maybe it is time to eat a pizza and tell dumb jokes (Pizza, yummy). Maybe it is time to walk on the beach, and laugh along the way. Maybe it is time to interact. 

I would like to think if we only have 29000 sunsets that we would not waste any of them, but I know I have, and most people do but maybe we can avoid it.

As I walked into an event last night I was recognized by a fantastic photographer I know. They immediately said “The sun is setting, you should be taking a picture” and I laughed, because I was getting ready to do just that, instead, I stopped for a moment and talked to them, talked about new cameras and lenses and in the process missed the sunset, but maybe I had a better experience after all. I would like to think people are more important. In fact, I know people are more important and I would not have missed that short conversation for a dozen sunsets.

So as the sun sets on another day, don’t be lonely, be alive. Press the envelope, talk to people. Yes, some will think you are annoying, (Like they think I am sometimes) but reach out and be a part of this word and make every day an adventure, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile like crazy, and love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…

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