Play and play again…

The sun sets on another day…

I wrote similar once here.

I remember a commercial that constantly played that said, “Have you hugged your kid today, did you send him on his way, with love, love love love love” and I smile when I do. You should smile if you can imagine an old man singing a young chippie song that was like that and being over the top fun about it, but I just did exactly that. (Not that it matters)

So anyway, the song was part of a campaign to get parents to spend time with their kids. This was an awesome idea and I like it, but what about the parents. (I am smiling right now)

Yes, it is true. Parents need to play as well. In my opinion when we lose our capacity to laugh and play we lose a portion of our passion, and some of our soul. (That is not a fun thing to consider) In fact I challenge you that parents may need to play more than kids to absorb the daily stress we all seem to feel for at least a while in every day of our life. 

I have never known why some people seem to lose that ability to play. They get lost in moments and wonder what they should dot hat is more adult. In the process the seem to forget how exciting it is to play, and maybe that is when we really start to get old. There was a Twilight Zone episode called “Kick the Can” where older people realizes that they could be young at heart, and it is there we need to stay. We need to dance, we need to sing, we need to play. It is in that moment that we play that we have the ability to see past ourselves, and into a happier time.

So as the sun sets on another day, stop being sad, or looking at your half full cup as missing something, and throw the cup into the air and play. Live for the moment, hug someone, dance, laugh, and in the process keep yourself young at heart. Be that person who never lies, and when they say “no matter what” that they mean no matter what. Be that person that takes life to the next level, and skips 29000 sunset, and makes 40000, having fun all along the way, and enjoying their life, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile like you are having more fun, then have it….

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