Always a way…

(This is not my boat)

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun rose today to its peak, the heat beat down on us all. Whether air, fans or water fun, we all find a way to cool off, if only a little.

Today when we went to put the boat in, well, it didn’t like me. It did not start, got upset, decided to not start, and generally caused me to put a boat in and take it back out. Ooops. We all face things like this from time to time. A clear path before us, and then suddenly, whoops, no more clear path, instead an obvious change to where we need to go, and an obvious impact to our current path. Guess what, it can be fixed.

Oh sure, lots of people will get angry at things like this, throw little tantrums or let it ruin a day, why not instead of that take another tack, and make the new one more fun. Sure, my day could have been a fit of anger, but instead, it is movie timeĀ and the fun of fixing the boat!

When you run into an issue, remember it is not the end of your life, well, unless it is the end of your life (sorry then). Almost anything has a resolution possible and if you keep a positive mindset there is a path to success. Even if something can’t be fixed, there may be another path that works, and works well!

I remember standing on a hill, seems like a lifetime ago. I made a decision and in a moment of decision started pushing my life in a direction. Guess what, it broke, but it did not break me, it only pushed me another direction. The worst thing ever to do is to fall into despair, let anger take over, or go down a negative path. Instead, find a positive solution, and make it happen!

So as the sun sets on another day, some of you may think I am nuts. Actually I am eating a few cashews from the LakeSide Emporium, but I am not nuts. What possible benefit does anger or negativity play in your life? It doesn’t. Instead we need to spend each day looking for the positive solutions, and fining ways to make life better, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, change the world, and do it positively if you can…

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