The list…

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset is on my list. The sunset, a plethora of people, writing, and a lot more. It is ranked nicely with a bow on top, and, like the scene in terminator when the landlord knocks on the door, each time I do something there is a little cursor in my brain that selects the thing that is nearest the top and then acts on it.

Well, maybe not.

It sounds good though and if you think about it we all have our lists. Those lists include a lot of things that we do daily, those we have to do, those we want to do, and those things that fall in between. It is funny to me how the list moves around from time to time. Something new and exciting comes out, and that moves up the list. Someone upsets you, they move down the list. The lists in our mind are never ending moving targets that make each and every day good or bad and keep us aligned with how we are moving forward in life.

So what’s on your list? Is work so important that you leave your kids at school? Is Facebook trolling so important that the pie burns in the oven? Or is someone special so important that you move everything around to make them at the top of your list. Only you can know for sure, but know there are a limited number of days in life, and we have to choose our lists well. After all, I could be sleeping instead of writing, but sleeping is low on my list, and writing high. 

So as the sun sets on another day, consider your list, does it make sense, or is it time to move some things around and make the list better? How are you doing daily with you list? Make good choices and live as happily as possible each and every day with a good list, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, keep 29000sunsets on the list (lol), and laugh each and every day…

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