The sun sets on another day…

What you see here.

It is a picture. In the movie “I Robot” it was a series of clues leading to an inevitable outcome. Today’s question is, “Are we all given the same?”

It is not as contrived as in the movie in life, but often we are given a series of clues on how we may proceed most effectively, and we make choices on how to approach, and eventually address those clues. Now, they may not be obvious, but we know who we are, and we know directions and how we should proceed, sometimes we just miss connecting the dots.

Tonight, as I starred at the waves and watched the ever changing patterns roll out in front of me I considered such. I considered the paths of my children, my friends, my workplace, my past, and a series more, and to the casual observer I am sure I looked lost in a daze, mesmerized by the waves. I was though, paying close attention, and watching the waves pass by. It was a good moment, and I will be thinking about it for some time.

How do you reflect, and consider the moments? How do you see past the surface and truly understand more. Is there something little in your mind that pulls you forward, or something bigger that may take a year, or even two years to solve. (Maybe even 3) In the end, only you know, and only you can find you way, but maybe, just maybe dial a friend, and see what other opinions there are for you.

So as the sun set on another day, today may have been a day for action, or perhaps for reflecting. Either way, enjoy your day and make great decisions, you are the master of your destiny and you are responsible for your happiness in life, let’s make it a good life for everyone, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, feel the wind, and sail forward in life each and every day…


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