The stars…

The sun sets on another day… (er, well, the moon rises in this picture)

According to science the sun is a star that is pretty small. There are a serious amount of other stars out there that e see as points of light. As the sun sets it gives us a hope for tomorrow and may give us peace if we let it.

The stars have always fascinated us. They glitter in the night nearly lighting the sky, but not quite. The open our imagination and give us something to wish on, or at least Walt Disney felt they did. Many cultures have worshiped stars and our culture still reverse them in the zodiac. Many people think the stars are in control, but I like to think Shakespeare got it right when he said, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”.  

I have said it over and over, but we have a choice. Each day we walk the dog, we have a choice. To walk the dog, or to not walk the dog. In every thing we do we can choose our path and be the best we can be, or something else. It is no wonder that some people get sad thinking about it, because we have defined who we are, and can blame no one else no matter how we try.

Whether you are a good person or a not so good person you were shown a path, but you chose it. 

There is good news. You can choose to have the best life ever. You can choose to enjoy the sunsets and make life amazing each and every day. You can choose every day to take a higher road, you can choose to be more and be happy with each and every moment, even the bad ones, and in the process maybe enjoy life!

So as the sun sets on another day, well, enjoy the stars! Enjoy the points of light in the sky and all that they mean, but make your own choices and live your life in the fullest way you can. Take a moment, maybe two, and make a good decision or two, and in the process, have some fun! It is all up to you and only you can push yourself to where you need to be! So do it!

Sleep sweet, enjoy the stars, and love life each and every day!


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