The sun sets on another day…

Each day the sun sets, and it is not truly as it was before. It is new and vibrant and exciting. A mash of colors and fire and light. It is never haunting or unfamiliar, it just is what it is.

You know, sometimes there are things in our life that may haunt us. Those things are often from something in the past that is an amazing memory, something in the past that is a poor memory, or something in between. It is in that vein we often find ourselves comparing what was and what might be with what is, and this is what I call haunted. Is it a bad thing? Not really, it is good to remember, and good to look forward, but it is not a good thing either. We have to remember that memories can be clouded, and so can the thoughts of a future, but reality is something that is always, well, real.

So who cares, right?

Well, we should. Remember there are times that you should consider being haunted by the past as a bad thing, but it may be a good thing if ti reminds you of an issue. There are times the present may be showing signs of something not so good, and thinking about the past or the future may add clarity to your mind. There are times that everything is just right. (and we get to eat porridge then!) Remember that life is a series of positives and negatives, and we can choose which are which. Not everything is as bad as it may seem, nor as great as it may seem. In the end, it is all as it is.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider carefully the measure of your day. Are you looking too much at the past, too much at the present, or too much at the future? Well, looking at the present is never too much, so make it a good present, that will mean a good past, and maybe lead to a good future. At least it makes sense that way. Leave the haunting to Dickens’s for the most part, and find a way to love life every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, live powerfully, and smile all you can…

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