Waiting for the wave…

The sun sets on another day…

What a strange day it was, the weather was difficult with cold and wind and dark of day, not even a postman would enjoy it. Trees were down in the park and blocking parts of roads while people were splashed at the beach with very large waves if they parked too close. People wore coats as they watched the waves but something else drew them out.

In the midst of it all a stack of surf boarders and kite surfers jumped in and had some fun. In their warm suits that would make a seal proud they took advantage of a bad situation for many, and made it an awesome situation. I posted several more pictures here.

It was fun to watch the process. Swim out to the deep, Patiently wait for the right wave, then conquer it, not with force, but by symbiosis. The surfer does not overcome the waves, instead they become a part of a path, and enjoy the moment, conquering the wave until it is no more.

It would be super if we could take a similar tact in life. Instead of conquering our problems with force, why not begin by enjoying the moment the same way as a surfer enjoyed the wave, by understanding its power and riding with it, until it is no more. huh, maybe a good idea? Perhaps we should try it and see. A wave can crash against a lighthouse and eventually wear it down, but as surfers, perhaps we can just move forward in life and ride out the waves.

So a s the sun sets on another day, enjoy your waves, and be excited with them. Respect them but don’t run away, instead find a way to enjoy the moment, and even though it may be over the top, keep riding until the wave is gone, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy life, and have fun every day you can…

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