Composed of nows…

The sun sets on another day…

What would the world be if not divided by sunsets? After all, isn’t it the sunrise and sunset that once gave us our notion of time. We added to that, and the moon and the stars become part of the equation, sun position and so much more came into play, and we defined tomorrow and today.

Emily Dickinson said it best that “Forever is composed of nows” and I am sure we can debate that all week It seems though that the essence of what we are is a series of nows that create the here and now, in fact you could say there here in now is the sum of all nows minus the ones we forget. Huh, the sum of all nows. That sounds like we are just a massive difference engine but we are not. We are a self sustained living host seeking out as many sunsets as we can have until we find our way to that last one, and we can only see the now that is now, and those before.

Sure, this sounds like a serious bunch of cow patties, but it really is pretty straight forward. 

We are the now and the nows before, ready for more but unable to see more until we get there.  So how now is your now? Or better question, how now brown cow (A cow theme tonight). Strike that, the question is how is your now?

Is your now built on a solid foundation that you can focus on? Is your now ok, but the previous ones were not so hot? Is your now too interested in the next now to understand the current now, and thereby making you a bit worried about what you cannot even see? Perhaps it is better to make now the best now ever, so tomorrows now, will be a better one, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, look at your now and see it for what it is, is it the best it can be, or do you need to look for your positives and live for them, and set aside a few negatives to make your now better. Make your life composed of the best nows and in the process, help is all be better by helping others see their now as a good now as well. With a positive now, tomorrows present will be part of a series of better nows. In the end, we all deserve to have the best now ever.

Sleep sweet, love now, and don’t ever wait…

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