A holiday…

The sun sets on another day…

Some when long ago as the sun set across the land someone decided today is a good day for something. They marked that day so they could celebrate it. So Holiday’s were born.

Normally Holiday’s don’t tend to mean much, but we are here on All Saints day, sitting in the cold rain, watching the world go by, and I considered all the Holidays we see daily, and those we cherish, and worse, those we ignore. Today, we can celebrate national cook for your pet day, family literacy day, deep fried clams day, world vegan day, or even national vinegar day. All these holidays have meaning to someone, and some of them have meanings to a great many people.

Today I kinda like National Authors Day where we should all write to our favorite author. This Holiday has been around since the 20s, but I was not even aware of it until today and I have read an ungodly number of books searching for knowledge. As I read about this Holiday and a lot more I considered that Holiday’s are special not because of the Holiday, but because of the people that surround them. As each day passes, we build upon it simply by being a part of a day that is important to us, and making it special to others. It doesn’t matter if that is the most well known holiday in the world, or the least, what matters is how we celebrate.

So as the sun sets on another day, Happy National Authors day! Happy Day that we celebrate those who make something of nothing and try to open our minds to move. If that doesn’t work for you, how about Happy Day, and make that Happy Day a day that you will love for you, and maybe for those who are important to you. Spread the word, make it real, but live it with all your heart, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, Happy Authors day, and love life….


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