A test of time…

(Image from January 2017)

The sun sets on another day…

It is funny how 100 years ago, sunsets were awesome to those who were here, and 100 years from now so it will be the same. Some things change, some do not. The river changes slowly, a tree grow, dies and is reborn, but we scarcely see the changes. In the world, it is hard to see those things, they are subtle but withstand the test of time in their own way.

As people we are often faced with the same. Our concept of time quite different. Tomorrow could be a new beginning, but in the end our time on this planet is quite short. a thousand years from now, few of us will be remembered as those from a thousand years ago faded away into nothingness.

I know, I know, depressing. 

I would like to say blah blah blah, just kidding, but it is true. The only thing we leave behind is what we have taught others, usually our children, and how we lead our lives. Perhaps we need to stop worrying about the petty things in our lives and start worrying about how we live today. If we do so, perhaps we can build the best today ever, and maybe it will be remembered as such. So, fly a kite in a storm, invent a great solution for people, or write lite Shakespeare and be timeless, or at the very least, make a few people happy and touch some lives, and through you, there will be a difference. I know it sounds corny, but it is usually true. 

I know someone who has written fro young adults. their book revolves around a single letter, but as they have written, so may they be remembered, not a single letter, but as someone who tried to make a difference.

So as the sun sets on another day, try to make a difference. Try to make the world a better place, and enjoy every moment you can along the way. One person may not make a difference, but you may be the one person that does.

Sleep sweet, have fun, and have some more fun…

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