Going the extra mile…

The sun sets on another day…

It is particularly satisfying when a day goes well, even more so when the people in it make you day even better. There are so many people in life that really try to bring you down it is always a treat when people bring you up.

Today as I delved into a series of positive events:

  • I had a great pizza from a great place
  • I enjoyed a phone call with someone trying to help me get a utility setup
  • I had a laugh with someone at the gas pumps
  • and I laughed with the grocery store clerk

I count these things on my positive list now because each one made me smile more until I was nearly ready to explode tonight. Whether work or play, it is always better to smile and have fun than to wine about what used to be, or worry about what is to come. So I don’t, and I enjoyed today rather nicely.

So as the sun sets on another day, did you enjoy today? What are the things that make you feel great? Do you go the extra mile at work or at home? When people do things for you, do you let them know? Ask yourself a lot of questions, just like I do! (Or maybe not). No matter what, have an amazing day and enjoy every moment you can!

Sleep sweet, smile rightly, and laugh a little too!

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