The face of fear?

The sun sets on another day…

Today was a flurry of activity and travel and craziness. Leaving Florida to return to Michigan was trying and less than optimal as the wind was both blustery and unpredictable. The sunset was awesome from the plane, but could barely be seen as the clouds closed in and took the light away. That is where the fun begins.

I have said many times that fear is a mater motivator, a master deceiver, and a master destroyer of lives. Today I saw that in action and was reminded of the first time I flew. 

It was a long time ago, and in this galaxy however I was on my way to ComDex for a show. I had driven everywhere previously, not having the luxury of flying when I was younger, not even having the luxury of luxury. I was fascinated and excited as the plane lined up to fly. I had studied, understood the science for years, designed wing structures and was over the top when early programs like “Microsoft Flight Simulator” came out, so to say I was over the top was not exaggerating. So here I was, ready to fly, alone on my first flight only 90 miles away. The flight was Lexington Ky to Covington KY, it would be quick, easy and the takeoff was smooth and I took pictures and watched the ground fade away beneath me. It was great, and I was hyper excited, and not afraid. The flight was short, as in one of those that said, “We have reached cruising altitude, we are descending in about a 3 minute span, and as I watched the city of Cincinnati I had driven through hundreds of times below the world turned upside down. Now, when I say it turned upside down, I am not exaggerating at all, the plane simple turned upside down. People screamed, and for a brief instant I was concerned, and then I started laughing, and enjoying the ride. What was the worst that could happen, well, it really didn’t matter if it did, I could not change it.A few moments later we were all just fine and the plane descended in as the pilot explained they had gotten a little too close to the plane in front of them and got caught in their wash. There was a split second of concern, I am not sure I can call it fear, but from then on I laughed at any turbulence, for if it is OK when your plane turns upside down, there really isn’t a lot worse. You can see the face of fear, and perhaps smile at it.

So back to today. Today as I sat in the plane watching people as we landed in Chicago I saw fear at its finest. With winds gusting to 40 miles per hour and higher, the plane was like a wild new made roller coaster with no tracks, and people were obviously concerned, and a little frightened. I sat and smiled as we landed because what was the worst that could happen? Well, it was nothing I could worry about and certainly I could not change it, so I enjoyed the ride. the plane shook and rattled, and we went up and down, and as the plane came to the ground everyone wondered if the wing would hit the ground, but we were all good!

Sorry, lots of build up for an easy moral. You know, there are always gonna be things in your life you cannot change. There will always be those things that hurt, or feel bad, or are devastating, but we have to move on, and just enjoy what ride we can. Sure, it may seem like the world is not a good place, but we decide that, not the wind, or the rain, or the snow, or the dark of night. It is out choice to be happy each and every day, and our choice to set aside fear, set aside the long faces of concern, and just enjoy the ride. Sure, there are lots of other stories I could say that are devastating and could cause pain every moment of the day, but lets chose to set aside fear, and keep moving forward, not ignoring what is happening, but in spite of what is happening. Maybe, just maybe we will have a terrific day, and an even better night.

So as the sun sets on another day, set aside the fear and all the other stuff, and lets enjoy the moments we can each and every day. (and every night as well. See things for what they are, not for what fear tells you they are, and remember, if ,life seems upside down, well, maybe the pilot just needs to turn the plane over, and if you are the pilot, start turning until it is right for you. Make life your goal, and happiness a product of that life, and of yeah, have some fun too, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back, and to the stars beyond…



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