The door…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun came out today in all its brilliance, and along the way really really got bright thanks to the massive layer of pure white snow. In spite of the weather the sun filled the horizon with color, but was taken before the end of the day by cloud upon cloud. At least it was for me, for someone out there, there was an amazing sunset that filled you with joy and amazed a mass of people as the doors of night closed in on us.

It always interests me when I see nightfall, sometimes it is a slowly closing door, and others it slams shut quickly, taking the light with it. I prefer the slowly closing door of night as it gives us light and introduces us to the darkness, a moment at a time.

In life we often have similar doors. Some are open to us and slowly shut and we barely notice them go away. Some are quick and either painless or painful as the cut us off from whatever lay behind. Both may be positives depending on how we handle change, and both may be negatives. No matter how we slice it it is what it is.

I was in a relationship once that drug on forever. We both knew it was over, but we hung on, kept trying, even though there was nothing left. No passion, no love, not even a feeling, just the comfort of being around. That was painful for me, but comfortable for them as each day we grew further apart until it was just time to go. It worked, and we both survived.

Consider the job, the relationship, the car, the house, that move, all those things you should do but have avoided. How can you shut the door and move on, or do you need to? Consider well, and make a good decision, after all, life is what you make it and you are the caretaker to your own present, the keeper of your own past, and the key tom your own future.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider the doors that open and close for you daily. Consider them as you move forward, and determine how to approach those doors. Sometimes you will need to close them, and sometimes you will need to let others take the lead, but in the end, watch your doors and remember, they close for a reason. Be happy with life and the decisions you make, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…



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