The joy of the moment….

The sun sets on another day…

I can ask, “Did you have any fun today?”

The question seems easy, but the complexity is both in the base of the question and the further complexity of the answer. So why is it complex at all? Well, if you answer “No, I did not have fun” you are in a moment in time where you have to question your moment in time. The bigger question is why. Why in the world did you not take the time of even a moment to have fun. Then it begins the examination of the moments and that “ah ha” when you realize that maybe you did have fun for an instant, and so it goes, until suddenly, you are not having fun realizing you had fun? Eeeek, This all sounds to complex, to involved, and perhaps even assumptive in the idea that you may well have had a moment of fun. I find I ask too many people that question far too often. So let’s slap it away.

There is the other side, how did you approach the day. Was the day another in a miasmic maelstrom of never ending days serving anyone besides yourself, Icky, that sounds bad too. Let’s scrap this whole idea and get back to basics.

It is morning, you wake up, there should be joy in that moment. For me, it is painful, but it passes a little as I move. Perhaps you have morning hot tea or coffee, the flavor washes over you, there is joy in that moment, or at least there is to me. You get into your car and drive and take in sights, and suddenly you are smiling to yourself. Perhaps you listen to music and sing along, and suddenly again there is a little joy. Perhaps even there is another second, a laugh, a cry or more, and more joy. Did you have any fun, maybe, or maybe not, but there was joy in some moments, so hang on to it, feel it, and remember it all through the day.

So as the sun sets on another day, pay attention to the joy of your moments, they are there, holding onto you, smiling with you, laughing with you, and going where no one expects. In the proces, try to have a little fun, and when you talk to a nut like me, say, “It was ok” and in the process enjoy a day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and make joy every day…

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