Not just another…

The sun sets on another day…

Today the sun was out in full force…for a while. It burned down upon us and wow, the reflections were amazing. We saw the snow melt, and the roads get a little better, for a while. Then the clouds rolled in and there was snow again. The roads froze, and the skies darkened, but it was a good day.

Today ends another year. Last year I posted a nice year end, and thought about a lot of great things. We can do no less this year, we can expect no less of ourselves. 

I have written 879 times on 29000 sunsets since the restart over 2 years ago. I post a picture daily, not always one I took that day, and I post a story, poem, uplifting thought, weird thought or other item each day. Sometimes they are good, sometimes well, you can thrown pickles at me.

I have not missed a day since November 12 2015. I almost missed one because the software did not post automatically, but I fixed it quickly when reminded by a bunch of people. 

They say that pain is usually the best motivator for writing, I try to avoid that and focus on the good things in life. There are quite a few. Many people talk about it, but few people live a life trying to stay positive. I try each day not because life is always good, but in spite of what life hands me.

I publish a calendar once per year, it is available here.

I have written 3 books in the past 2 years. One is online for sale now one amazon here. The next 2 will be released in January. The books are action adventure and I am happy with the end product of each. Can they be better, maybe, but they still make me smile when I read them. I am hoping to release at least 6 and hopefully 12 new books in 2018. Several are works I have done and not completed previously. I feel far more motivated and inspired since moving, and will run forward instead of backwards.

So, for today, it was not just another day, nor another week, nor another year. It was good because I made it good. Would I do things differently, maybe. Did I do things correctly, maybe. Did I believe in what I did, yes. Will it be a better new year, yes. I hope all of you can say similar. This year will be better because it can. We will give as much as we receive, and enjoy the time we have. We cannot expect others to do any more for us that we do ourselves, nor should we expect to do less as they do more. We can make a difference in peoples lives, and in the process, maybe help people. We can live, we can love, we can laugh. We should do so as much as we can, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, it is the end of a year, don’t make a resolution, if you want to change, just do it, not because of a new year, but because it is the right thing to do. Make every day one worth living, and let your friends know they are important, and others, well, try to do whats right. Trust when you can, and be aware of what trust means. Oh, and have some candy occasionally, it is tasty. In the end, there is no fate but what we make, so let’s make some good fate!

Sleep sweet, love the day, and live it for all the time you have…




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