New snow…

The sun sets on another day…

Today the sun rose, showed off for a little while and once again it began to snow. The snow covers everything, and in the end, for a while everything is beautiful.

I like the idea of new show a great deal. New snow always looks amazing and there are few things in the world as peaceful as a landscape after fresh snow. As I sat and played Frisbee today with a dog who could barely run in the snow because it was so deep, I considered all the things snow had buried. There was a ladder I found while walking in deep snow, several ramps,  the deer lick and the deer feeder, but it looks like the squirrels have conveniently un-buried that and who knows what else. In truth, you could probably loose a car and a fairly large choir in my back yard and the only thing that would alert you would be headlights in the snow or the sounds of joyous singing.

The only problem with snow is eventually it melts, and you have to jump the car, and melt the choir, or something like that.

You know in life we sometimes look for the fresh snowstorm to cover our world. It would be far easier to have snow cover everything as we deal with bills, and the myriad of problems that we face just being alive. Eventually though, the snow melts, and there it is, so maybe we should just enjoy the moments as they happen, and wen it snows, well, enjoy it, but bring the choir in for cocoa.

I know, I know, you need a three page book to decode what I am trying to say, but in reality, the only answer is, let is snow, but remember where you put your keys so you can get out. Spend a little time enjoying the moments, and if the snowy weather gives you a moments pause, enjoy it so you can find a way to enjoy every day with zest and peace.

Oh oh, and that’s not all! A smart person once told me the only true peace is spiritual, they were wrong, the only true peace is far more than just spiritual. It is a peace you believe not covered by snow, not set aside by emotion but full of emotions, not burdened by intellect but empowered by intelligence, not just spiritual, but guided by spirituality. True peace is not one peace of you, it is all of you, out of the snow, at peace with who you are fully. (Or almost fully)

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy the snow if you have it, if you don’t (pbbbt) raspberries your way, and no matter how your day is going, enjoy a peaceful new years day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it all the time….

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