A lifetime…

Photo by Gary Samples

The sun sets on another day…

The sun rose and shook the heavens today with blinding brilliance and not a lot of warmth. (You can’t have everything.) In the end, the sunset was terrific, and the picture I took today did not do it justice. Instead I give you this picture from Gary Samples posted today as he kicks off his third year of pictures.

I was watching a movie and considering how long a lifetime is truly. I have set a standard of 29000 sunsets, but there could be so many more, or so many less. The amount is completely and totally random. What do we do with a lifetime though? Do we spend it finding ways to save money? Do we spend it finding ways to spend money? Do we find another more elegant solution? Just what do we define as a fruitful life?

A lot to consider to be sure, but perhaps it is easy, perhaps the best lifetime is the one spent finding passion and living as fully as possible. Perhaps the best life, is a life on the edge that presses the envelope of light and life, and takes us to new heights not just on weekends, but on every single day.

Sound to good to be true? It may be, but it is worth striving for in my opinion. If you passion is writing, write; if it is music, play; singing sing; and loving, love. There are so many things people are passionate about, and we only seem to touch the tip of the iceberg on so many. Let’s take a moment and find a way to be passionate.

So as the sun sets on another day, spend a lifetime finding your best days, and enjoy each and every one. Sure, there will be a few bad ones, but I beleive in you, so beleive in yourself, overcome, and make today the ebst day ever, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wow, life is good!

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