The sun sets on another day…

The sun appears to travel around unbound and furiously moving across the sky. In reality it is we who are unbound and moving about the sun’s sky, but hey, who’s keeping track.

I have been considering the anecdote that some people are unhinged. The means they are all over the place, slightly irregular, and passionate about everything and even about nothing. When this was presented to me initially, I was frustrated by the thought, but after considering it with far too much activity, I know that the idea of being unhinged is not necessarily a bad one. After all, being unhinged means you are free to explore possibilities. If being unhinged is linked to passion, so much the better, and passion is a little slice of heaven that everyone should have, but few people seem to have in their lives.

Perhaps being unhinged gives a better view to the world, perhaps being unhinged makes the world a bigger place filled with possibilities, or perhaps it is just a stage of life where you can see a little bit wider, and a little bit farther but I for one, will take being unhinged to being hinged anytime. I would rather not be lost in the confines of someones box, burdened by time, constrained by feelings if inadequacy or focus on everything except what is important. I would rather lose the hinges, and open the door to something a little more.

I have known quite a few people in my life that are “unhinged” and they live life for the moment and press it all the time. I have also known quite a few people who think they are unhinged, that wear big chains that hold them down. to me, unhinged now means simply not being so tied to any idea that there are not possibilities.

So as the sun sets on another day, lose the hinges and be more each day. Lose the hinges and take life to a new level by not focusing on the transient items that get us nowhere, but instead on the important things in life that you may be missing. Embrace passion, embrace the fire in your mind and heart, and embrace life. If you do, you may find a way to a new level of excitement, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and unhinge your dreams…


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