Furiously frying…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun sets on another day, ad yes, it is Fry-day. A day of rest, relaxation, er, more work, and more work until, well, we can rest maybe for a day, maybe two.

As the sun beats down on us all, I find we too are usually furiously frying ourselves, making the world a better place, and trying desperately to survive this thing called life.

Prophetic eh?

Maybe we need to focus a little, and try to have great days, and instead of furiously frying, perhaps we can take a few minutes and enjoy life a little more. Maybe we need to try to enjoy each day in spite of all the extra’s put upon us. Maybe we just need to stop and enjoy a sunset.

See, this whole post to come full circle. If you can’t enjoy all of your day, find a piece to enjoy, then another, then another and maybe someday you will enjoy it all, each day, with all the passion it deserves.

So as the sun sets on another day, we can’t help but be furiously frying, but maybe we can take a few minutes, maybe a few more, and furiously enjoy our time, even if it is a little. Maybe we can enjoy our moments enough to find the passion to be more and more to the world, and in the end, make a better life for ourselves, no matter what. (I know I try each and every day)

Sleep sweet, love life, and fry eggs, not yourself…

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