How ya doin?

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun flies across the sky cartoons depict it as waving and happy as it goes sails past us. In reality, it doesn’t have a face because, well, its the sun and really bright.

It would be easier if people could wave and be happy with each other daily. It would make our lives a little more positive and perhaps a little more complete. Maybe our goal should be to ask “Are you ok?” or “How ya doin?” to as many people as possible to ensure the world can be a better place. Maybe, just maybe we can make a difference, just by taking the time to acknowledge someone is ok.

I remember a movie with Mel Gibson I watched a long long time ago. He could read minds suddenly and as he listened to everyone’s thoughts and the conceited and self centered items, he cameĀ  across someone who just did not want to be seen. They were contemplating bad things, and he heard it in his mind, and reached out to change that persons life. We can’t read anyone else’s mind, so we should assume the best and the worst at any time and consider the possibility that the person before us may need us to be patient and positive, and we can hope, as they look at us, they are feeling the same way.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider well how you affect others and make it a positive effect. Make every day as amazing as it can be, and be positive to others, maybe ask how they are, and give them an opportunity to smile.

Sleep sweet, love life, and spread happiness all you can…

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