The sun sets on another day…

As the sun moves across the sky, it is defined not only by the light, the colors, the moments, the shades that it imbues the landscape with, but also with the thundering silence of a moment.

Tonight I watched the sun set and in the cold of the cutting breeze felt as though the world was being sliced away and revealed for a brief moment and the minutes I spent taking pictures seemed to stretch beyond the horizon. Any moment can last forever if we let it. If we hold on to the good ones we make a choice each day, and find a way to have a good day. After all, it is our choice whether we have a good day or a bad day, there is no other person defining who we are, no one to blame, and no one to consider. It is our definition of the day that makes our day, nothing more, nothing less.

There are many reasons each day might be a bad day. When I begin moving I should have a bad day. My day starts with pain and until the hot water rolls across me and I let is go until it slowly becomes the norm and fades away. Memories assail me constantly, long lost moments of possibles and possibilities, wasted seconds, minutes and hours, a thousand thousand times that I should stop for a moment and give pause. There is a but there. As I awaken from my usually short slumber I define myself, and the pain becomes a reason to keep moving, the memories, good or bad, become a reason to smile, and the promise of the day becomes a mountain I not only will climb, but a mountain I must climb. So as I move on into the day I know the day must be good for me, there is no choice, simply because today is another day that I am in it. Today is another day to learn, to live, to love, to find passion or more.

This is me of course, but I believe that anyone who wants to can do the same, they just have to take a moment and define their day as they define other things in their life. It is like a free McDonald’s line, but instead of a Quarter Pounder with no onion you get a positive day. More than just a moment, and a fiery reason to be a part of each and every second you can.

So as the sun sets on another day, each day you have you defined. It was not anyone else but you. All of the positives and negatives of every day are not positives or negatives until you define them. Even the most brutal things in life might be defined and though not positive, they may define a positive day somehow. I ask today, take a moment, and instead of the bad day you think you may be having, turn it into the best day you have had today, and in the process, find your smile, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, make the world yours, and love all you can…


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