The sun sets on another day…

As the sun set today it was unknown to me. I was lost in a whirlwind of other authors, listening and hearing them speak and relate the words that were so dear to them. As I listened I tried to understand their points of view, their pasts, their motivations and truly how they too became motivated to write.

It was a unique series of minutes, and a unique series of hours, as I heard them. Two of the authors spoke from their person lives, several from fictional points of view, some from history mixed with fiction, and some from the heart. Some dreamed and wrote of far off lands and magical mystical adventures, and some wrote as they tried to find that way to touch a child’s mind, and open it to that amazing question, “what if?”. All the time I listened and tried to hear. I considered my approach to writing, to try to share not for an outcome, but for the sake of sharing, I considered how they approached writing, not to respond positively or negatively, but to understand and perhaps improve my own view of the world, and again, I listened.

It was good, and left me with a series of chaotic and conflicting thoughts, but one was certain, I love to write, and each of these people loved to write at some level, some more, some less, but they each felt a passion to express themselves.

After a long series of thoughts I considered, and as I approached the thoughts of the day I measured my writing.

I write here each day to consider  a serious of possibilities that may one day mean something to my children, or that is where it started. As I approach 2 million hits, well, I write because I want to share a thought that may help my children, but could help anyone, no comments nor chasing any sort of recognition, just to try to get people to see more than just the moment.

I write my books, and will press for 12 this year, because there are a significant number of stories in my head, and I need to share them beyond just me. I am not looking for a massive success, but I am looking to share something that touches me, and may touch others. Along the way, we may all have a little fun together.

I considered today those people who shared deep life stories, and how they would feel if they knew my story. Their stories were inspiring and gave a gift, I was impressed, and listened and heard with great intent.


So, the easy moral of today was I learned. Perhaps not what was expected, but I learned, and in the process I remembered a quote from Steven Covey about listening. I modified that quote years ago as I believe it is only part of the equation. I saw faces today listening, and some hearing, but many looking to find common ground. I truly think we should all listen to hear, not listen to respond. We should listen to hear and understand and to give a solid response to people if they need it, or sometimes we should just be quiet. Short, sweet, to the point.

So as the sun sets on another day, listen, and in the process hear, understand, feel the moment, determine how you should approach the moment, and in the long run, find a way to make a good choice, learn, reply, or just be quiet when the time is right. Isn’t that the best way to be? Shouldn’t we all hear each other with no voice greater than another? Maybe if we did, the world would find a way, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and listen…