Keep fallin…

Photo by Amy Weldon

The sun sets on another day…

Rain fell constantly this wonderful Monday afternoon. There was a sunset, hidden by a million million raindrops, and help by the fog of rain falling on snow. It was wet and soggy and the sump pump just keeps running trying desperately to keep the water low as more and more falls.

I smiled tonight as I left the dog out. She walked to the edge of the snow, the rain slowly pelting her fur, looked out and stood at attention, watching the rain fall. As she did, I watched and the bright LED lights on the back yard lit the raindrops like diamonds and sapphires, falling to the ground. She was oblivious to everything but what she was focused on, and that could have been everything or nothing.

I sat for a moment and a song started playing in my head.

So I just did me some talking to the sun
And I said I didn’t like the way he got things done
He’s sleeping on the job
Those raindrops are falling on my head, they keep fallin’

But there’s one thing I know
The blues they send to meet me
Won’t defeat me
It won’t be long ’till happiness steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep falling on my head
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red
Crying’s not for me
‘Cause, I’m never gonna stop the rain by complaining

Because I’m free
Nothing’s worrying me

I looked, laughed and let her in. She was oblivious.

There is a lesson here. Maybe it is not so bad with the rain and the mess, maybe we just need to enjoy it, take a breath, and love the moment. As everyone else is withing in our rain, there is a silver lining for us that only we can see, and it is that silver lining that will keep us going. 

so as the sun sets on another day, dance in the rain, stand in the rain, make the best of every situation you can and even though the world may be crushing down on you, find a silver lining and pay attention just to that, because you are free, and nothing should worry you, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the rain…

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