1000 words…

The sun sets on another day…

There are some days in the world that just shine. From start to finish today was a good day. Sure there were some bumps in the middle, sure there were some places I wish were different, but today was a good day.

Today I woke and had a great dream about another series of books that I jotted notes down on. If I can do it justice it will be a fun series to write! Today I had a great breakfast and enjoyed a few great moments. Today we decided on a  good cover shot for book 2 int eh Masterson Files series. Today I took some fun shots of sunset while watching a few photographers climb ice mountains and walk across nebulous ice. It was good!

I could have looked at the bad sides, but I will skip that, it is a waste of my time, and yours too.

Tonight I give you the even better cover choice for Book 2, Sinful Father. Coming soon! A picture is worth a thousand words. 

So as the sun sets on another day, smile, be bright, be happy, and if life doesn’t quite agree with you, take pepto bismol and move on. (Is joke, ya, is joke)

Sleep sweet, love life, and don’t just read life, live life all you can…

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