Safe Haven…

Photo by Gary Samples

The sun sets on another day…

Today the sun set and I could not see it through the clouds, but I knew it was there. Brief and beautiful, the sunset can inspire and awe and for a moment give feelings of peace, tranquility, and safety.

I follow a lot of writing groups. Some are very positive, and some, well, are not. They get lost in the moments of overthinking and, unfortunately, in base debasement. Not fun, even though it kinda rhymes. 

We all need a safe place sometimes to be away from this sort of ribbing, or daily attacks or worse, we need a safe place so we can, well, have a moment of peace. Now, the idea of a safe haven or safe place is not a new one, it is as old as we can think, but it is something that is more abstract than most people give it credit for. A safe place may well be a moment in time. It could be a thought or a dream. It could be a place that just instills tranquility, or it could be a person. A person? Yes, there are some people that are just safe and those people are the ones who make life a little better not by being the ones who are pressing for the right thing, but by those people who are there when someone falls, and catch them when they need to do so.

It is easy. A person can actually give you hope, a person can be there when you need them, or a person can be your friend for all times, no matter what. Perhaps it is that simple.

So as the sun sets on another day. Find your safe haven. Visit when you need to and make sure the moments alight so you can see past each and every day and know that the world can be a better place for you, when you need it to be.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be safe…


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