The sun sets on another day…

Ever just look at the sunset and go “wow”?

As you can guess I have seen a few sunsets. I enjoy them every night and am pretty good at predicting how they will turn out, well, sometimes. 

Today as the sun was setting I was not thinking it would be colorful or striking. I sat talking to someone I had seen at the beach before, and suddenly the sky shifted, and the colors opening up, and there was a great sunset. Don’t get me wrong, every sunset is great, but this one went a little further, and was truly stunning. As I took several pictures from different vantage points I thought about how life sometimes just surprises us if we let it.


I could have left after a few pictures, but I waited, I could have not gone out, but I did, and in the end, life came in and surprised me in a positive way. It just happens. 

So as the sun sets on another day, life can’t surprise you unless you let it. So do it. Let life surprise you. Be there when suddenly you are surprised by more, feel it all and enjoy the moments, and in the end maybe lifes surprises, good or bad, are what make the world a little better place. So enjoy it, do it, and let the world surprise you, no matter what.

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