The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was going to be less than perfect, a clear night with little going on, and then, in the moments before it set, a series of clouds bought out color and fire and a lot more. The sunset became a dance between light and darkness, and once again, even though I did not feel good, it was good.

I thought to myself today why I try so hard to see the sunset each night. Sure, it is beautiful, amazing, awesome, stunning and a thousand other adjectives that only make you feel like the world is a wonderful place but I realized it was something different.

As a monumentally massive person who is very tall I spend the days looking down on people, not because of any reason other than most people are small. I guess in the end they are not small, they are just smaller than me. As I considered it, each time I look at the sunset, or a mountain, a valley, or so much more, I am no longer the largest, I am small if only for a moment, and I can feel at peace for that second.

No, this does not mean I want to be normal, or smaller, or anything of that vein, but instead, I just want to take a moment and have a little peace. Someone once told me that peace was at the center of everything, we went our separate ways and though I see peace as the center, my world became different than theirs, and peace has a far different meaning to me. They saw peace as purely spiritual, but I see peace as far more than just spiritual. I am sure they would say, “There is no more” but as each day passes I find the boundaries of existence widening, the world becoming a bigger place, and each moment becoming a reflection of something far bigger than just spiritual, but instead a blend of a number of things, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and more. It is this moment that makes life a little better at sunset.

No, I am not going to go over the top and become a guru or dress like Mike Myers in the Love Guru, but I am going to say sunset is amazing, all the time.

So as the sun sets on another day, find those things that mean something to you, hold on to them, feel them, and as I said earlier today, “…be willing to watch¬† with your dying breath and still be amazed.” Hmm, that came out depressing. Was not meant to be.¬†

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy it no matter what…

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