A laugh…

Photo by Gary Samples

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun sets waves of emotion can wash across us as the sheer wonder of the moment takes over.

Tonight I hope you…

Feel the emotion of the sunset wash across you like waves on a beach
Feel the warmth of those who care about you
Ignore the feelings of those who don’t
Smile at the power of the moment
and laugh from the depth of your heart

It is an easy request, but mostly I hope you laugh, and laughing makes the world an easier place to see, to love, to feel and to ensure each and every day. Laugh, love, and live, and then do it some more each day not because of anything anyone says or writes, but because it is the way you want to feel.

So as the sun sets on another day, laugh love and live some more. While you do so, live for today and squeeze every awesome moment out, and keep on laughing as the night closes in. After all, there is always something funny in the world, and we just need to see it and know that it is there to make us laugh a little, or maybe a little more. Laugh hard, and play hard and maybe the world will be a better place each day.

Sleep sweet, love, and laugh no matter what…

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