Center of the storm…

The sun sets on another day…

We sit here each day, watching the sun rise, and the sun set, or ignoring them completely. Each of us with a different want, a different need, a different agenda.

You know it is pretty interesting how easily we look to the world for answers. We ask people, tell people, listen to people, hear people, but in the end we are the center of our own positives and negatives. We know who we are inside, and we need to determine just what we need to do to find happiness.

I know I know, many people don’t think they know, or may not know they know, but we have a clue. We know those little things that make our days better. We know those things that take away from our days. We even know when we have found something good, or not so good.

Again, since most of what I write is experience based opinion, and some is based on others interpretations of their world and then my interpretation on that, it is hard to know for sure. I am sure that no one can decide for you what you like, dislike, feel, or don’t feel. I have lived that and talked to so many who have as well. It follows, but is not a surety, that only we can make our own destiny, but that is a treatise within itself. (And for those who point to religion, there is still a choice in accepting that)

So as the sun sets on another day, if your life is a storm, you are at the center. If your life is a paradise, you are at the center. It is all up to you to make the best present you have, after all, the present is a present as each day is a gift to us all. Enjoy it, no matter what.

sleep sweet, smile when you can, and laugh the rest of the time.

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