Rising up…

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun rises and the sun sets the power of the light shone on us is truly impressive. There is a power to it that is just unbelievable. In truth, you never realize how small we are until you look at us from up there, and never do we understand more than when dwarfed by sheer beauty. Or something like that.

There is always something new and exciting on the horizon. We can either take the safe path each and every day, or we can rise up ad go further and in doing so find a way to be more. I know, I know, it is always easier to do what you know, but sometimes we need to understand there is more to the world, and more to where we can go than just what we know.

Personally, I try to challenge myself daily, and find that sometimes it would be easier to set that aside. Well, maybe always it would be easier to just be safe. Sometimes being cautions just isn’t a good thing to do. You can’t go far when you don’t go anywhere, you can find love if you push it away, you can’t see a sunset if you don’t rise above.

I remember the first time I flew a radio controlled helicopter. I got it out of the box, put the propellers on, went to a big park, look at it, fired it up, had the safety gear on it, and pressed the gas, only to watch it go up and come right back down, shattering into a few pieces. Ouch, that hurt. I did, however, not stop, I ordered new propellers, and started slower, I practiced until I could take off, and then one day I flew it pretty easily in the same place. The point is, I could have walked away, but I kept trying

So as the sun sets on another day, rise up, take yourself to the next level, find a way to be that person who challenges the edge and even more, and in the process, grow all the time. 

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy it as you do…


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