Pick up sticks…

The sun sets on another day…


It is funny when you think about the sunset and all the items that run through your brain.A few dozen friends, a few hundred acquaintances, and hundred hundred people you know, and so many more who have touched your life and whose lives you have touched. 

Tonight as I watched the fiery sunset with clouds gathered and now a considerable number of people watching with me I considered all the intertwined people I know and those thoughts became more until it was like a series of pickup sticks floating in my mind. For those of you who do not know pick up sticks it was a simple game I played when young. The game was easy, a bunch of long sticks were dropped on the floor and you had to pick up one after another without moving any of the others in the stack. The game was easy at first, a series of sticks would always roll away, and those would be easy to pick up. As the center circles in the lifts get harder. Why? Because all of the sticks are so tight, and touch to any one may move another. In as much as possible, that is where the game is played, where any movement affects the whole and the effect can be devastating. The winner is the person who can unravel it all and not disturb all the sticks. The fun part is when you have absolutely no way to do anything, so you miss a turn by flipping the who pile, and that breaks it open for someone else.

We are often faced with similar situations in our lives. People so intertwined that a simple movement can be devastating. There are those people in the core of our lives that can affect us easily, and those on the outside that are not so much an issue. It would be nice if life were as easy as this game, but disturbing much can cause issues easily, and the moments we spend trying to make everything work, well, they can be tense and draining as we try so hard not to mess things up. Sometimes someone just messes everything up, and that can be a major impact on life, and then you have to clean up a little more. In the end, we can only hope our days are so wonderful they are meshed together and happy.

So as the sun sets on another day, I know I know, I have strange thoughts sitting at peace watching the sunset, but I enjoyed the moment and enjoyed the analogy. I hope your life is amazing and your day today even better. I hope you find the way to be close to the people who really care, and if someone flips your sticks, I hope they get cleaned up quickly and you find you way to happiness, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and pick up your sticks…

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