Exhilarating moments…

The sun sets on another day…

Err, the moon rises on another day, err, the sun sets and the moon is up there too? It is all amazing.

There are things in life that take your breath away.  The sunset has always been one of mine. Think about it, colors, almost unreal, focusing on not just the moments but defining the moments.

There is more. Today will not be some lofty post about how great you can be, instead, you define today. Think about it for a moment. What are those things that take your breath away? For me the list is long.

  • The sunset and all of its glory
  • People in general
  • Writing and feeling the movements of writing
  • My job and feeling as though I accomplished something new
  • A slow passionate moment
  • The feeling when someone feels as you do
  • Helping someone when they don’t know it
  • Taking a perfect picture
  • Taking a deep breath
  • My puppy, and playing with her
  • Hitting a target over and over dead center

You know there are more. Tonight was one of my fun times. I got my car out of storage and as the accelerator went down I truly felt at peace and excited and breathless all at once. It is an amazing feeling. 

So as the sun sets on another day, I have thought of mine, now consider yours. Think of all the wonderful things that make you who you are and just for a moment, enjoy them. Then laugh the night away, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, smile when you can, and let the world take your breath away…



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