Thoughtful days…

The sun sets on another day…

There it was before me, a sunset where yesterday there were clouds. It was a beautiful moment, a shimmering cloud of colors that rained upon us all, and in that moment as I took photo after photo, I pondered many previous days and enjoyed every one.

I have been told I think too much, and often I think it is true, but shouldn’t we all question and consider just about everything? Shouldn’t we all take a moment to consider that life is an amazing ride and that we are in it? Well, shouldn’t we?

I like to think that each and every day we should learn from the now and apply the past to the now to be ready for the now in a few moments. I know I know, it can get complex as we add newer and newer layers of complexity upon it all, but the reality is those who do this have the ability to learn quickly and enjoy more simply because they learn always, not just when they think they are supposed to be learning. Isn’t that the way to be? Should we all be thoughtful all the time, and happy, and excited, and a mass of emotions that coalesce into a single calm that is you? After all, isn’t calm the ability to understand the possibilities before they happen and be prepare for them? 

Maybe, or maybe not, but for tonight it was for me.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider taking a moment to be thoughtful. Consider learning a lot about a little and a little about a lot to just be better as a person. Consider being more not just for others, but for yourself, and as you do so, in the midst of chaos find the calm. It really is there if you look.

Sleep sweet, love, and live…

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