Posts and more posts…

The sun sets on another day….

I was reading one of the social media outlets today and looking at all the “do ti today” memes. There are memes for every moment about a moment and how we should live our moments, make our moments better, smile at our moments, remove negativity from our moments and measure our moments. It was interesting. Are some people so caught up trying to post about life they miss life? (I hope not)

As I reviewed these posts I thought of all the posts I have made here, on 29000sunsets, and I have not done a meme for anyone, well, not really. I have completed 1015 posts over time and I am not a meme maker? It amazed me for a moment but I realized I was not trying to get famous, I just wanted to share opinions, first for my kids, then friends then family, and then, well, for a lot of people. Since the start of the year this site has had several thousand unique visitors and the normal day brings from 40 to 200 people reading. Like memes it is random, only a few read every day, and only a few send me notes and say one thing or another.

I hope though, for just a second I can get across the idea or concept that every day is precious, and in the process, try hard to make life better and better or at least open minds a little further. It is a hope.

So as the sun sets on another day, posts and more posts, well, not as important as living life each day and truly enjoying it. Take a moment, enjoy a moment, smile, get fired up, take a breath and make this life yours each and every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back and the stars beyond…


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