Affecting the effects…

The sun sets on another day..

As the sun sets, the day wanes and affects us all. The effects of the sunset for some are varied. Some will be energized, ready for an amazing night. Some will be suddenly tired, and some will be unaffected by it all, well, maybe. It is clear though that there is an effect on each of us from every action of the day.

According to my personality profile I think a great deal. It says I consider multiple pathways and what ifs in my everyday thoughts allowing me to make better decisions. I would occasionally disagree as sometimes my decisions are not so good, but instead have an effect on me and an effect on others sometimes. Well, that is me, now consider you. How have you affected others? What effect do you have on people?

Give up? Don’t worry about it. Often we don’;t know the effect we have had on the world until much later. It can sometimes be eye opening, and sometimes painful. The small things we have done may have large rippled and the large things, well, they may be well over the top. The truth is, we cannot stop affecting people, we can only try to make the effects positive by trying to be the best person we can be. Sound tough? You are right. It is tough. 

There are of course people who make calculated effects on others with an intent to have an affect. These people are sometimes trying to do what is right but it may not work that way. Or it might. It is often hard to say. In the end, we can only work with what we know, and only try to lead a good path all the way. I think I could talk about good and bad paths all day and night, but that would be boring.

so as the sun sets on another day, think about your effects and how you affect people to get to those effects, and even if you are doing right, don’t do it in the spirit of being wrong, and if you are doing wrong, well, do it right, right? It sounds good at least. Live for today, and steer your course to have the best effects you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy ice cream, and smile all you can…


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