Fake it?


The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was a window into color tonight. Not good, nor bad, hidden away by the clouds it just was stunningly sublime.

I have been writing about a post a friend made with rules for a daughter, I have been modifying it for children, and discussing it a little. Tonight’s thought is: “Fake it til you make it can get you through sometimes”

I thought about this for only a short time as I normally don’t like fake, the word fake, being fake, faking it, fake laughs fake other things or just in general things that are not real. Then I reconsidered the point of view and realized the more effective way of looking at it was to approach items with confidence. So I would rewrite this a little as “don’t let anything keep you from trying, press the envelope, expect more from yourself, and find your way there” or something like that.

In reality we all “fake it til we make it” if you look at it a certain way when we are parents. To this point I am not aware of a book that is truly a “guidebook for addressing all hings you will encounter when raising a  child” and by the same token there isn’t a reference manual for “getting through teething years with young children in a consistent manner” or “surviving the teen years of any child as they go through puberty”. Why? Well, it is not predictable, so maybe when addressing an item that is not easily predictable, we should “fake it til we make it” and press the envelope to make things happen, even if we don’t have a perfect plan. 

So as the sun sets on another day, when you look at some things and feel overwhelmed, take a chance, press harder, make it work, even if it is not perfect. Find the edge of it all, and make yourself the best you can be with what you have, it won’t be fake, it will be real, and you will set a higher bar every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the eve…

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