Ask for what you want…

The sun sets on another day…

Tonight the deck of a park I rotate to was filled with people watching the sunset. People who know nothing about each other laughed, talked, and generally enjoyed themselves. I watched and smiled as the common bond took hold, an enjoyable moment that washed over us all.

For quite a while now, and yes the list is getting shorter, I have been talking about a list I took from a friends post. The list was a message intended for daughters, each day I make subtle modifications or agree with the list. Today it is easy to agree, the message was: “Ask for what you want, the worst they can say is no…”

Communication is complicated, funny, annoying, irritating and a lot more descriptors that would really take us to a new level. In the end, as we communicate we often try to gauge others and miss the mark. Sometimes a little, sometimes oops ouch, holy wow that is a lot. A lot of times we are so afraid of the word “no”, that we don’t realize it could be a step to “yes”.

Don’t think so? 

No, no, no, yes!

Well, that didn’t work. We should never assume anything and maybe approach people like garage sales. Will you take a dollar? No, how about 2? Yes. We can’t really understand where we are unless we have a point of reference, and others don’t read minds either. I can’t say it any clearer, ask and you will receive, a yes or a no. (Maybe is an indecisive “no” so I leave it out) Take the jump and just ask, you may be surprised and start asking all the time.

So as the sun sets on another day, ask, talk, communicate, let people know what you want, and if they say no, move on. Find a way to enjoy every moment with either a yes or a no, and in the process, have a happy day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and yes!

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