Wish on stars…

The sun sets on another day…

Today the sun is striking, and foreboding as soon storms will cross the land. Fear not, we will wish that the rain will help us all, and the storms will subside with peace in the sky.

I have spent quite a few days working through a list from a friend. Each day a new thought for a daughter. I have been working to understand or embellish these and make the list for children. Today’s thought is: “Wish on stars and dandelions, then get to work to make them happen.”

Funny isn’t it. We wish for so much, and we rarely push to make it happen. A few years ago, in a galaxy far far away a friend of mine and his wife had a dream. They decided to make a change from a “safe” life, and move to a new life where they were in control. All they had became part of a dream, and that dream became a reality. It was not because they were better than anyone (Well, they are pretty awesome) but more because they found a dream and decided that dream deserved to be a reality.

We all have dreams, and we should let our children know that dreams are good, even amazing. We should also tel them that dreams can become reality if we work hard to make them such. There is no better life than a life built on a dream and it is something we should strive for each and every day. Don’t put your dreams in a box on the shelf, instead, hitch them to a star and see where they may go.

 So as the sun sets on another day, look to your dreams and make them your reality. You can make the world a better place every day if you try, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, dream big, and live even bigger…


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