You have enough…

The sun sets on another day…

The time was coming, and the sunset overwhelming. A thousand colors danced across the windows and became lost in the panes that covered my mind. In the end, there is no better end to a day that the splash of color that stays with you, not for a moment, but for all time.

For a while I have been writing about a list a friend posted to their daughter. The list has changed some as I have revised and rewritten as I have gone, making the list focus on children instead of just daughters, and refining a few things. Tonight’s message is: “You have enough. You are enough.”

I am reminding of so many things by this simple statement. The question is more direct though, is it good advice. If we look at a movie like “The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao”, the townsfolk are deceived by an evil man who says “not enough” and convinces them they need more. If we look at the fuzzy story (Fuzzies) an evil witch makes a town forget generosity and happiness. These represent that bad, but good always wins out and people come to their sense. (Well, usually)The depth of the good in people is their selflessness, so I agree, we have enough. 

I am a little torn though with the idea that we are enough. On the surface this is the most amazing thing you could do or say to a person. “you are enough for me” implies directly that no more is needed, but we need to take it a bit higher. If we step forward in the “I am enough” world, don’t we stagnate? Maybe we need to say “I am enough for me, but I will be more tomorrow” for without challenge is their growth? Then again, in our society today, do we put too much focus on everyone being enough and not enough on the exceptional? I will not debate it either way, I am just thinking that to me, I am enough today, and tomorrow I will be enough for tomorrow, but I will not be the same tomorrow as I am today as I will push forward and be more, learn more, and hopefully inspire myself to greater heights. 

It is a thought.

I think my statement here is “You have enough, you are enough, challenge yourself to be more” and move forward. You never need more than you have, even if you have nothing, and you have to have nothing to understand that. You never are less than enough, until you stop reaching for the stars.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider who you are, and be that person that knows what enough is, and be that person who can find a path to being enough, and more, each and every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, be enough, and reach for the stars…


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