You are amazing…

The sun sets on another day…

Peaceful evening bring peaceful feelings. Music abounds and the night’s soft melodies bring tranquility to us all.

The list winds down with only a few left. I have been walking through a  list a friend posted considering how it is written, if it is valid, and getting ready to create another for all children, not just daughters. Tonight’s message is: “You are amazing! Don’t let anyone ever make you feel you are not. If someone does….walk away. You deserve better.”

I read this several times, and though it seems ok, I believe it is a little shallow so I will break it down. Everyone should realize they are amazing, true, but sometimes things happen and if someone makes you feel less than amazing, well, their loss, but understand why, define yourself, and don’t just walk away when challenged. Well, should we?

OK, OK. Yes, it can make sense, but making rash decisions or snap decisions does not. Instead we need to find ways of understanding more, feeling more, and being more each day. The world can be daunting, and as it presents itself to us we will sometimes feel less than amazing, but we can make a choice to overcome it. To my children I would say something a little different. Perhaps, “you are amazing, find people who make you more amazing, and set aside those who make you feel any less.”  or maybe just “You are amazing, surround yourself with other people who are amazing!”

Yes, that works.

Life is full of things that are fair, and unfair, things we deserve, and things we don’t deserve, if we follow that little rule, maybe we will end up with the best we can have.

So as the sun sets on another day, you, the reader, you are amazing, surround yourself with amazing people. Find a way to be more amazing with them, and overcome the negatives around you. Be the solution in the world each day, and find happiness, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be amazing…

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