Family is everything…

The sun sets on another day…

Ever look at the colors in the sky and just feel like you belong. Today as I watched clear sky and storm fight for control of the sky I smiled at the pure amazing view I had of the spectacle.

I have been writing for some time on a list a friend posted. In just a few days I will post a revised list to all children, not just daughters. Tonight we look at: “Be happy and remember your roots, family is EVERYTHING”

It is interesting. I have instilled that in my children, my son preaches it, my daughter lives it, and I rarely had it. Now don’t get wrong, my grandparents were the embodiment of what I think a good family should be. I also saw many a friends family that was super, but mine was less than stellar. Still, as much as family is everything the extension of family is even more. We become more each person we add, and family is more than blood, family is a feeling.

I wish it could be so for everyone. Some people set family aside, or make family just a word, but in the end, family means being there, no matter what.

The point is, be happy with who you are, your family, your legacy, those things that became you as each and every one meant something. So I think, my opinion is, this statement should be “Family is everything you are, be happy with you you are and who they are too!”.

So as the sun sets on another day, smile, have fun, enjoy your family and show them how special you are  and how special they are, each and every day, not matter what.

sleep sweet, smile bright, and laugh like you mean it…


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