The sun sets on another day…

This morning it rained. Well, it didn’t rain, it poured. Well, it didn’t pour, it deluged. I could go on, but a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at how a sliding glass door can be in a real fun storm, fun huh?

Anyway, as I ran around soaked in the rain while lightning was blinding the skies and thunder shook the foundations of the house, I thought about how many people in the world feel like they are drowning all the time.

It is easy for things to overcome us The world gets a little silly sometimes, and you may slide further and further behind until oops, you are under water. You have two choices, you can swim for it, or you can pump out the water and go forward. Well, there is a third choice, you can drown. Maybe a fourth, you can climb in the dern boat that you forgot you had, wow, lots of choices here, but my point is, we have to decide and move forward, not just drown. 

I have found in life it is so easy to say yes, or just keep trying to make things right, that pretty soon you may find you are drowning. It is in that moment that you truly fall to the floor and feel like the world is against you. Whether easy or hard, tasks can add up like raindrops that keep falling on your head until you realize, “Hey, I am under water!” Well, stop it. Grab an umbrella, and shed some of the rain, then maybe it will get a little better. It may sound tough, but if you think about it, it might be the easiest thing you can do.

So as the sun sets on another day, don’t let the water drown you, find a solution to overcome it, and make today the best day it can be, no matter what. (and learn how to say no too, it does work)

Sleep sweet, love life, and glub glub…


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