A split in the sky…

The sun sets on another day…

I can tell you right now, there are days you can be thankful for. Actually, in my opinion, you can be thankful for every day. Not just for the ones that overwhelm you and put you in a series of fantastic moments that seem to be without end, but also in the little days that you take for granted and finally surprise you with their pure happiness.

Three days, three storms, or so I thought. The first day a smile came to my mind as the sliding door held back an aquarium of water, only to be pumped out as if they had not been there. (well, it was a lot of work, but satisfying) The second day I waited, poised for the onslaught, only to have it be less than expected, and perhaps gone before it was even a threat. Now, tonight, as storms rage to the north and south, I looked to the sky and saw a star. 

I know, I know, it is a coincidence, but it is little things like this that make me happy about life every day. Yes, I was ready to fight the storm. I was armed and outfitted to win. Perhaps in the end, the storm just wasn’t ready for a fight. Yes, again, I know I know, in a few moments it could be here upon me pounding down upon not just me, but on us all, but for the moment there is a peace in the air, and birds and crickets are happy.  (Along with dozens of little toads bouncing around like jumping beans.) I can only take this moment and be thankful for a moments rest, and maybe a moment to write.

We all need to take a second and look past what may be coming and look to what is here now. We all need to look at the gifts we are given, and not sit and pine about what may be, or may never be. Right now is a gift, and right now I see a star in the center of two storms. Take a moment, look around, what do you have right this second that is meaningful, hold on. What do you have that weighs you down, let go.

I had a friend once that was so very upbeat about life, but so hard on themselves. If they could have only seen themselves though my eyes for a moment they would have known. Only a moment. That is all it takes. Life is so full of moments we should cherish. Don’t miss them, be aware and hold onto them.

So as the sun sets on another day, tonight a star broke apart a storm, tomorrow the world may be renewed, but even if it doesn’t happen as we want, take the star and the day and live the best moments you can right now, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love to the moon and back…

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