Eagle eye…

The sun sets on another day…

Someday I will have my camera when I see the eagle that lives close, someday I will have his picture. Today, well, I had another good memory, and then thought about it as I watched the sunset tonight.

When I first saw the eagle in the area I was a little concerned. It is a big bird and my daughter visits with her dog from time to time. I was concerned he would be a tasty meal, but then saw he would probably hold his own, and the eagle never paid attention. Now I see the eagle fly over from time to time, and the forest gets a little quiet for a while.

This morning I stepped out onto the patio and walked to the edge. As I looked out I saw the eagle land perfectly on a tree that overlooks the blueberry fields in the distance. It was quiet, very quiet, and I just watched. I did not have my camera and knew by the time I got it, well, the eagle would be gone. So I watched. Moments passed, then minutes, and I watched. The fields in the distance the eagles focus. Then, I watched as the eagle tucked his wings and just fell. As he fell his wings suddenly unfolded, and he flew to the ground and was out of sight.

I smiled and went back inside, his gaze was all over, and he was aware of it all, he made a decision, committed, and I bet he had success.

I think sometimes we forget to take in a big picture before we move forward. Sometimes we just need to sit on a tree for a minute and take in the scene before we jump in and commit.The world is a big place and a lot goes on that we don’t see if we let it. Take the moment, stop, and soak up a bigger picture, then fall in and commit to a course of action like the eagle did. 

So as the sun sets on another day, well, take a moment and see a bigger picture before going forward. Not hours, weeks or months, but a moment. Make the world yours, and find a way forward, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and fly forward….





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