Swinging in the breeze…

The sun sets on another day…

Funny how the day goes. Today I put up a hammock, mostly because I have used it rarely and just wanted to see it get used for a moment. I set the stays, tired them off and hung the hammock between two trees that had a chance of holding me up. Shortly thereafter I sat down on the hammock, leaned back and got lost in a moment. Above me the jack-pines swayed in the wind, and I swayed back and forth slowly as the breeze blew me. The hammock wrapped around me and even in the cool breeze I was warm. I heard the breeze blow and leaves rustle, and heard something and saw a chipmunk running around on some long forgotten quest. I saw birds above, a seagull, a vulture, and a series of small birds of various colors. It was a piece of peace, and maybe a little more.

It would be a perfect life if everything just fell into place all the time. I have found and in my opinion, we have to spend a little time making things work to make things work. I know I know, sounds pretty silly, but you can’t have a super day at the park if you forget to buy gas for the car, you can’t have a super meal if you don’t get groceries and so forth.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer that over-planning is the reason most people miss out on fun in the world, but under-planning can be just as bad. I have been told I am a bad planner in some ways, and I have been told I am a great planner in others. The thing is, I always have a plan, I just don’t always put it on the table until it is ready to be executed, and I don’t overplay my hand unless I am playing poker. In my opinion, the world works best when people have a strong foundation, an idea where they are going, an idea how to get there, an idea of the things they need, and the drive to put them all together.

In my opinion both over and under planning cause more stress than results, except maybe in software development and building houses.


So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment, and find those trees to hang a hammock, and plan a little, do a lot, and find your piece of peace. Even a little will make a difference, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy your night, and love…



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