So crisp is the night…

(Starfield 30 second exposure at f8 outside my side door)

The sun sets on another day…

Then the stars come out, and tonight the sky is so clear I can almost see forever. I looked and say the big dipper, and traced along the edge to the north star. I saw Cassiopeia, and a dozen other small clusters I vaguely remember from books I read dozens of years ago. The sky and it’s majestic lights seemed crowded, where a little light makes it seem so, empty.

October is upon us and I  am feeling a need to write. Not a little but a lot. “Fateful Friend” is not finished and I need to get it all completed. “Silent Wolf” (The title for book 5 in my head right now) is calling quickly and I want to finish it for nanowrimo and “Stealth Ride” is partially complete as well. I also have a few dozen short stories rolling around in my head for Halloween and will put together a PG and a not so PG story for Halloween like last year. My head feels a little cluttered and I am not spending enough time on what I should be spending time on, but it will get there.

Sometimes we all have just a little too much going on. If you look at the sky and see a blanket of stars it may remind you of all the ideas in your head. Want to get past it? Turn on the light, and focus on one thing at a  time. Maybe that’s all we need to do, turn on the light, and focus. We can too easily be overwhelmed by the world today, full of so many things to distract us, we just need to turn on the light, and focus, one moment at a time.

It is funny, I know so many people that seem to be going a dozen directions at once. They are called away by kids, family, friends, chores, snores and sometimes making s’mores. They fail to take that extra moment for themselves, and in the process, they miss, well, they miss a lot. I am a firm believer in doing for others but we have to find a way to do for ourselves lest we lose the most important thing in the world, our identity. we need to take that extra moment, and turn on the light and focus

Sound easy?

It is not. We all have a  sense of responsibility, and sometimes we just need to let that go, and in the process fond a way to a little happiness for us, right?

So as the sun sets on another day, if you feel like all the stars are about to fall on your head, you might be chicken little. Ooops, if you feel like all the stars are going to fall on your head, take a step back, turn on the light, and focus on just one or two. Find a way to start ticking off boxes, and making your day feel a little better, you never know, if you work diligently you may end up with a clear crisp night, or not. Either way, you will find a way to being happier, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, Smile bright, and love to the stars beyond…

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