The sun sets on another day…

You know the days get fun when it is cool outside and time to light the fire. The wind is crisp and the rain seems to seep inside more than clothes, but perhaps it tickles the edge of the soul.

Ever look at the day and just go “yuck”. Ever consider how many days we look at and just go “yuck”? I think about all the times that we have given up even before we have tried and it is sad. There are so many reasons to look at a day and want to walk away we just can’t seem to count them, but maybe, maybe there is another way.

If we start our day fresh expecting the best every day, maybe there is a chance we will find the best every day. As we look upon our day and see rain and cold, maybe it is time to break out the fire, and to warm up. Maybe we can warm ourselves so well that they day seems awesome! Maybe, just maybe if those things are upon us we can take that awesome fire and roast some marshmallows. Maybe it is not so bad after all. 

We all have bad days. Sometimes the world just seems to be against us. Sometimes we may be part of that problem, but we can choose not to be. We can choose to overcome every obstacle, even if it is a bad one. We can choose to have a good day.

So as the sun sets on another day, in the middle of all this cold and rain, I made chili, and I had really missed chili. It was a good day for chili because as I savored the flavor for a moment I thought about all the fun I have had with my kids when we made chili. Games, laughs, and lots of cheese, it works well and makes the day a better day. I hope they are having fun today as well! Take a moment, make some chili, have some marshmallows, play a board game, but enjoy your moment, then make it two, then three, and pretty soon your whole day is good. Find that way to be a little bit happier, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it every day…



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